Umbo is great for campaigns

Tired of carrying hundreds of 3x5 cards for your candidate? One for reach supporter, donor, key volunteer, they start to add up. Umbo is the solution! Staffers can create booklets for each event that can be downloaded to the candidate's phone and viewed quickly and discreetly.

The App

Our simple, easy to use app replaces the thousands of cue cards a campaign creates over time.

Available for iPhone and iPad your Booklets will be available where ever you are, even if you are offline. View your Booklets from any computer or other mobile device through our website at any time.

Access Control

We understand a campaign's need to control who has access to your information. We will work closely with you to set up an organizational structure that fits your needs, ensuring that only the correct staff have access to each Booklet.

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Larger campaigns and committees contact sales [at] for custom solutions.