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What is Umbo?

Umbo is a modern day business face book that makes it easy for you to learn faces and names. Leave the three-ring binder at home and instead download Umbo. Umbo helps you be the leader that knows your team.

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Features that work for you!

Simple Booklet Creation

Our easy to use web and mobile apps make Booklet creation simple and easy to use. We also offer Booklet creation services for large projects.


Use Booklets, Organizations, and Tags to effectively organize your entire team and match your organizational structure.


Share the right data with the right people using Entity specific permissions.


Take Umbo on the go with great iOS apps.

Use Cases

Business Executives

Have your team prepare Booklets of your various departments so you always know your people. Impress your employees when you know their name and a fact or two about them.

Conference Organizers

Make sure you know who is who at your conference and ensure you can recognize your speakers and key attendees. Leverage Umbo to create value for your attendees by giving them the tools to make lasting and powerful first impressions. Gone are the days of feeling alone in a room of 100 people!

Political Campaigns

Know your donors, staff, opponents and their staff, as well as be able to recognize members of the media at first site.


Know the exact person in the room to ask the perfectly timed question. Government, campaign, and corporate teams are always changing; use Umbo to ensure your entire team is up to date.

Teachers and Professors

Tired of forgetting your students' names? Use Umbo to learn their names before the first day of school.

Coaches, Athletes, and Team Parents

Know your entire line up and their parents. Help parents know who is on the field and be able to recognize other members of your team.

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